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We are industry experts who have the required knowledge, latest algorithm update, technology and experience to adapt your SEO campaigns. We continually invest into ourselves to ensure we stay at the cutting-edge of digital marketing for all of our customers.

All Security Technology Sdn.Bhd.

We are a security and automation system manufacturer, specialised in CCTV, autogate, electric door, and smart home systems.

Although we spent a lot of money in building a website in 2005, it did not meet our expectation and had poor results until we found NEWPAGES!

Through their search engine optimisation services, our company gained a big reputation and received many OEM orders from local to foreign countries such as Dubai, Indonesia and Australia over the years.

NEWPAGES brings a lot of enquires and their Apps also helped us to connect with our suppliers easily and solve their problems as well.

William Tai
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Our Results
  • 30%minimun increase
    in sales
  • 175%increase in
  • expansionto foreign market
Stunning Curtain

We are specialised in interior decoration such as curtain, wallpaper, flooring, carpet, decoration and design services.

We felt it was hard to find customers when we first started the business. We used to set up banners on the roadside and publish our advertisements on newsletters/magazines, but the result was not good as expected.

We decided to invest all our resources on the internet and allowed NEWPAGES to handle our website. Now our website has turned into one of our branch which helps us to easily reach our potential customers from far corners of Malaysia such as Johor, Ipoh and Penang.

Eric Law
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Our Results
  • Bestmarketing and
    advertising solutions
  • Expand Business with ONESYNC
  • 125%More visitor
    compare to retail
Grand Meltique Food Trading Sdn.Bhd.

We are a food product supplier established 5 years ago. NEWPAGES has enabled us to get many opportunities through enquiries from local and foreign buyers.

Through the website, suppliers worldwide were able to find our company and even offered us to become their agent or dealer in Malaysia.

Basically, when we upload new products to our website, we can get a lot of positive enquiries within a few weeks to a month.

Building a website is actually not as expensive as compared to our previous advertising cost in a Magazine. The package basically equals to the price of a website that we created and yet the enquiries from the magazine were not even 1% compared with our company website done by NEWPAGES!

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Our Results
  • 5~10new long-term
    customer monthly
  • 500+product in
    high exposure
  • 700%return on
    investment (roi)
First Multi Ever Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

Our company was established in 2006, supplying all kinds of machinery parts and repair services.

We have tried a lot of traditional advertisements such as publishing in the first page of newspaper which cost few millions and yet not so effective.

After we utilised the services of NEWPAGES, our sales have increased approximately 300% to 400%.

Most of our enquiries are from global buyers. Deals made were up to 50 to 60% compared to deals made through traditional marketing methods which were only 10% to 20%.

Mr. Mah
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Our Results
  • 4 websiteon-going with ONESYNC
  • 650+average new customer
    in 1 years
  • 400%increase in sales
Siang Fatt Sdn. Bhd.

Our company was established in 1985, mainly engaged in wholesale, trading of plywood and timber trade. The main targeted customer groups are construction and home furnishings.

From 2012, the entire website was handed over to NEWPAGES. This transfer of website to Newpages has led many customers to contact us and as a result, our business growth increased 100%.

In the Google search engine, when you key in plywood JB, plywood Johor or related keyword, we are on the first page. That's the reason for a lot of customers to contact us.

Since we chose NEWPAGES, our profit has grown too! Thank You NEWPAGES.

Mr. Ooi
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Our Results
  • Promote Onesync as their best
    digital marketing
  • Many sales
    come from
  • business growth
Culmi Air-cond & Refrigeration Parts Supply Sdn. Bhd.

We are in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry, such as parts and tools, air conditioners, and air-conditioning engineering.

I wanted the website to replace our salesmen. Yes, to our amazement we were able to replace 4 of our Salesmen as a result of the website enquiries!

NEWPAGES has given us a lot of business contacts through both their marketing tools and business networking which have increased our turnover.

In 2012, the website produced sales amounting to 20% of the total business, and in 2016 it increased to 50%.

Mr. Beh
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Our Results
  • Websiteto replace sales person
  • 50% of company turnover
    is come from website
  • 1.4 KHigh Quality
    SEO keywords

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