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Still wondering where you should advertise in Google or Facebook?
Well, as we can tell you, you will need both of them. 

Google & Facebook is necessary for business, to build up thier brand awareness, exposure, advertisement and etc. No matters what is your company size, this two platform will definitely help in business instead of doing traditional ways.

Advertise in Google & Facebook are totally different thing.

In short,

Google - Pull Marketing

The biggest strength that Google platform have is Google Search Engine have High Demand of pontential customer looking for the products & services.

Scenario: I am looking for a water leaking repair specialist. So i searched on Google, and it will show me the SERP. Then i choose the desired one to contact them to solve my problem.

So obviously if you are the water leaking repair speciailist, you should start your Google search engine optimization journey. Thus you can have a lot of pontential customer. Nobody will just search "Water leaking repair specialist" for fun or to waste their time. 

Conclusion: Google user & audience have a strong demand for specific products & services.


Facebook - Push Marketing

Unlike their comparatively dry, text-based PPC brothers, Facebook are extremely visualize.
You can post your video, picture, products at your facebook page to build your brand awareness, sharing, and etc.

The biggest strength that Facebook posssess is it offer powerful targeting capabilities and allow you to reach people who don’t even know your product exists which means they’re not searching for your solution or brand. (Main differences compare to Google.)

Scenario: Christmas is coming soon but i don't know what should i purchase for my girlfriend. But i saw a special handmade & customized jewelry post from Facebook ads which giving me an idea to gift my girlfriend jewelry.

I never think before to gift a jewelry for my girlfriend before i saw the post.
In this case, Facebook have to ability to help you reach to different people & industry whose never think of you before. There is not necessary that the audience have the demand, Facebook can help business to create the demands as long as you have a good solution and excellent products to solve user problem.

Conclusion: Facebook allow people to know your products & services who don't even know who are you & never searched before.

Last but not least, at the end we all know that Google and Facebook share some similarities like create brandawaress, increase traffic & exposure for business.
But they both played as different role, so we need to understand how best to use each platform for maximum ROI and greater business growth.

For more information, you can refer to Google & Facebook, which platform is more suitable for your business to advertise?


09 Nov 2022

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