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You are using ChatGPT-3.5 web version which only has knowledge before 2021. Now the upgraded version ChatGPT-4 has been integrated into Microsoft Bing search engine (, which can help you find current information, not data before 2021. In addition, its powerful features include:

- ChatGPT-4 uses more data than ChatGPT-3.5 to train, including images, videos and audio and other multimedia content, making it possible to understand and generate visual input.
- It has stronger logical reasoning ability and common sense knowledge, can handle more complex and diverse topics and questions.
- It can be customized according to the user’s language, style, emotion and interest, providing more close to user needs and preferences of answers and suggestions.
- It can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Bing search engine, providing users with faster, more accurate and comprehensive information retrieval and analysis services.

Previously New Bing’s “sneak peek” qualification was very difficult to get, but recently Microsoft seems to have lowered the threshold. Basically as long as you click “Join the waitlist” you will be approved immediately!

The method is as follows:

  1. Open the website:
  2. Click Join the waitlist

  3. Receive an email indicating that your sneak peek qualification has been approved!
  4. You can use New Bing powered by ChatGPT-4 on / Android / iOS Bing App / or Windows built-in Edge browser sidebar!

It’s that simple! With ChatGPT’s, I think Microsoft’s New Bing is the most likely search engine to shake Google’s position. If you are doing business, have no website or your website has not optimized for New Bing (SEO), I think you should feel a crisis. This will be the next wave of online marketing, you must grasp it!

NEWPAGES’ ONESYNC has optimized for New Bing, which can let artificial intelligence AI find your company, instead of not being able to answer!

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17 Mar 2023

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